Dakota Digital 70-81 Chevy Camaro Analog Gauges Kit Carbon Blue Vhx-70c-cam-c-b

How to install Dakota Digital HDX Gauges Dakota Digital 1970 81 Chevy Camaro VHX Instruments. LED backlit at night to match/complete the look at night. Dakota digital 70-81 chevy camaro analog gauges kit carbon blue vhx-70c-cam-c-b speedometer (0-255 mph / km/h) tachometer (0-9,990 rpm) oil pressure (0-100 psi displayed in 1 psi increments) water temperature (100-300ºf / 40-150ºc displayed in 1ºf/ºc increments) voltmeter (9-17 vdc) fuel level (0-99% full).

Stamp Usa Very Valuable, 1867, Benjamin Franklin 1 ¢ Blue With Grill Split

Most Expansive Rare Stamps 80 Most Valuable Classic Stamps In The World The seller is zdiruz-43 and is located in this country CZ. Stamp usa very valuable, 1867, benjamin franklin 1 ¢ blue with grill split occasionally, during the grilling process, the stamp received split or multiple grill prints. It is not clear whether the stamp sheets could move back and forth in the same grill passage or whether the sheets were repeatedly fed.
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