6 Piece Antique Esterlina 925 Camusso Tea, Coffee Set With Tray All Hallmarked

SILVER TEA SET 6 PERSON DRINKWARE SET 18 PIECES SILVER 925 STERLING SILVER CREAMER, 5HX7FROM SPOUT TO HANDLE. WASTE BOWL, 4ACROSS RIM X 2 1/2H. SET CONSIST SUGAR BOWL, 7 TO TOP OF LID, X8FROM HANDLE TO HANDLE. ANTIQUE 6 PIECE, INDUSTRIA PERUANA PLATA ESTERLINA 925 CAMUSSO. 6 piece antique esterlina 925 camusso tea, coffee set with tray all hallmarked coffee pot, 11to top of lid x 10handle to end of spout.
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